Time to get painting

So I have finally settled on a few combinations of list that I am happy with and I am starting to get painting. I have purchased a whole heap of models from Scibor (many more than I currently need haha) and I am ready to get going. The Scibor models translate nicely into the Mantic list as I will hope you will see.

Now obviously Scibor have kindly come on board as sponsors of Clash of Kings Australia but I do want to declare that all my models were purchased before hand. There was no paying off of the TO! 

First up I have chosen to paint up what will be my shield breakers. I have picked the Iron Hammers from the Scibor range you can see them here. I think these work really well as they have the two handed weapons. But they also have extended cloaks instead of all armour which I think fits nicely with the fact they are Def 4+.

Here are a section of the models undercoated. You can see they need a bit of tidying up, but boy are they good models. The detail on them is fantastic. 

I will upload painting pictures as I go but I plan to do a winter like them. Cloaks with be blues, armour/weapons silvers and golds, with beards white's and greys. Skin will be on the albino side of white.

I'll keep you updated as I go.